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Playstation Problems and Fixes
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We suggest that you always take proper care of your Playstation. This means powering it off when its not being used, and storing it in a safe place. Do not leave it out in the open, or up on a shelf or piece of furniture with the cords hanging low. Tripping on the cords and causing the Playstation to come crashing down is probably the most common reported cause for broken systems. Remember to replace your games back in their jewel cases/holders to prevent dust and scratches on the CD's from hindering your Playstation's performance. Also, it is common for dust to transfer from the CD to the Playstation, through playing dusty games. A can of pressurized air is very useful when the Playstation tray is carrying more dust then you are comfortable allowing. Feel free to blow it out once or twice a month. If you are comfortable with opening the Playstation enclosure then it also can be "air dusted" once every 6 months.


Remember, you open your Playstation at your own risk. Opening the Playstation will void your warranty every time!


My Playstation makes awful sounds while reading my CD's


1. The CD may have some scratches and the CD laser on the Playstation is having problems reading it.

2. You're using a copy of the CD you want to play.

3. The position of the Playstation console is not level and is not allowing the Playstation to spin properly and in a balanced manner.


1. Dirty disks are quite common. Remember to put your CD back in its holder/case after use. AND NEVER PLACE A CD DOWN- INFORMATION SIDE DOWN! This causes scratches that will cause the laser to have problems reading your disk.

2. Donít play with copied CD's!! You will burn your motor out by trying to read these disks! Once and a while you might get away with it, but if its causing your Playstation to go haywire- then trash the copied CD!

3. Playstation was designed for one position. Horizontal. Don't try the upside down or sideways technique on this game console.



My Playstation unit isnít turning on! (I push the button, but the red light doesnít light!) and the CD doesnít spin.... Itís just DEAD!)


1. The cord isnít properly plugged-in to your outlet

2. Your Playstationís power supply is damaged

3. You plugged it into the wrong outlet

4. Thereís no electricity

5. Somehow, itís just not getting power!


1. Make sure that the plug of the Playstation is firmly and exactly plugged into your outlet.

2. This is a common mistake among many. First of all, before plugging in your Playstation into an outlet, check the voltage of your Playstation. Most Playstation are for 110/120 volts. If you mistakenly plugged it into a voltage higher than that (i.e. 220), the Playstation will take in excessive electricity and thus burn out. Most likely, the power supply is damaged.

3. Sometimes you get frustrated, but itís just because thereís no electricity coming out of the outlet. Itís either thereís a blackout in your area that you now know of, or the fuse for that outlet is broken (your other appliances in that particular part of your house isnít working too). Call your Electricity provider if thereís a blackout. If not, call an electrician to fix your fuse. Unplug the Playstation during this process.

4. Be clever, look around. Is the on/off switch on your wall set to "off"? Simple problems call for simple solutions.



My Playstation is on, the light is lit. I have a CD inside and its spinning as normal, but I donít see anything happening on my TV.


1. Youíve made the wrong connection to your TV

2. You didnít make a connection to your TV

3. At worst, your TV isnít compatible with your Playstation (PAL/NTSC issue)


1. Check your connection with your TV. If you have a S-Video cable Connection for your TV and your Playstation, check it properly so that Video cable from your Playstation is at the Video-in port in your TV. If this doesnít work. Go to #3.

2. You probably just overlooked something small. Connect your TV to your Playstation by following the instructions in your manual.

3. OK, TV/VCR/AUX/. The most common setting is to plug directly into your S-Video connection at the back of your TV. Depending on how you have your cable and VCR hooked up, you may need to get into your TV options and set it to "AUX" or "VCR" whatever or however you have it configured. Be sure to check run through AUX/VCR/TV/VCR, you should be able to get the game to show on at least 1 of those settings.

4. You bought a European Playstation?! (PAL standard, Whereas U.S. is NTSC) Not compatible. The only option to fix this (I've heard but not been able to replicate) is to "MOD" the Games using a Playstation emulator, on your computer. Then burning the MODded game back to CD. Do a search on the WEB for "PAL NTSC Playstation"



The sound is quite scratchy or has no sound at all


1. Bad audio connection or no audio connection to the TV

2. TV sound system settings

3. Playstation sound system settings

4. Damaged TV or Playstation audio system


1. Check to see if your Playstationís audio cable is properly connected to the audio-in port of your TV.

2. Check your TV audio settings. If there is sound on your normal channels.

3. Check your Playstation if the game/DVDís audio options are properly set.

4. Check your TV's sound system.

5. Replace the audio jack on your Playstation.

6. Ask Sony (always ask Sony, whenever possible)



The buttons suddenly stopped responding. But just before it happened they work perfectly.


1. The Controller cord is loose


1. Unplug the controller from the controller port and then plug it in again. Make sure that the controller port connector is firmly inserted into the controller port slot. This should fix the problem. If not try and plugging a different controller (that you know works) into the same slot. If the problem goes away, then you know the wiring in the first controller may be faulty/loose. (due to winding and pulling on the cord). If the problem does not stop, then your Playstation port connection piece may be faulty/not soldered/broken. -either pull it apart and have a look (for seasoned elec techs only) OR call Sony and arrange for them to fix it for you.



Playstation Game freezes during play.


Overheating (easy fix)


1. *Could need a power supply unit.

2. *Fan could not be working properly, causing the chips to overheat.



I have a modified Playstation and all seems to work fine then suddenly, every game in my collection crashes. And that includes all of my original games.


1. You rigged your Playstation!!! Doh!


1. Whoops. You now own a completely worthless piece of Sonymemorabilia! (Sell it on ebay and get $25 for it) Seriously, though. If it never worked once you modified it, then you could have modified it incorrectly, or there could be a solder short. However, if it once played, but now it does not.. then the "modification" could have slowly fried a chip in your Playstation renderingit useless now. I'd still open it up and check for the obvious.

I dont support MODs. I wont, I cant. I dont have the time to help troubleshoot for hours on a game console that has been MODded and internally fried. "Uh.. my Playstation wont power on", so I try ripping my hair out trying to help some poor kid, only to find out he illegally modded it, destroyed the insides, and wasted 3 hours of my time. Nope. I dont do MODs.


In here, youíll find troubleshooting tips about games. This includes CD's and Playstation games.


My game for Playstation isnít working!


1. The CD has a lot of scratches

2. The Playstation is worn out due to extensive use

3. Youíre using bootleg CD's

4. You boofed and forgot to insert a game! (or itís upside down!)


1. Take good care of your CD's. I suggest a cleaning kit. I also suggest that you never place a CD down information-side-down! EVER! Always put them back in their holders when finished. Likely, you probably have some scratches and dust on your game. Remove it and clean it if it is dusty. If itís extremely scratched, try cleaning it, and if it still donít work then trash the game.

2. This often happens if you use your Playstation for 12-15 hours straight per day. That only means that you have to get a life. Ahem. Anyway, let a Sony representative check it for you if thereís something needed to be repaired. Then, do what he/she suggests.

3. Buy original games. Its illegal to copy games and "trade" them about.

4. Make sure a game is inside! Doh!



I played a game and it worked fine. Then, when I put in a new game, it suddenly hangs. (other games too!)


1. Memory CACHE Problem

2. The Lens is damaged


1. Oftentimes, data on the memory called "cache" are left intact inside. It should be re-set with you turn off your Playstation and then turn it on again. Sometimes, it corrupts new data and the game can't put graphic (or even program files) data on the memory and thus, you can't play the game. A couple of resets might do the trick. But again, don't forget to ask a Sony representative.

2. Unplug it from the power source. Let it sit for 10-30 seconds (to allow the electronic components to fully discharge) Now reboot!

3. OK, if your still having problems there may be a serious problem with the Playstation. Either the processor or one of the supporting RAM,ROM or BIAS chips has been internally shorted or fried out over time.



Here, Iíll help you troubleshoot some problems concerning the different ports in the system. Memory Card Slot, Controller, USB port, and Ilink IEEE port.



Memory Card, Controller, USB/Ilink peripheral canít be inserted into the Playstation/Playstation Controller.


1. Your peripheral isnít intended for the Playstation

2. The port is physically damage or the plug of the peripheral


1. Playstation peripherals will most definitely fit in the slots. Example would be the controller. Even if Sony didnít make the controller, but it is intended for the Playstation, it must fit in. (Its not healthy to use 2nd party controllers or memory cards! You can burn out your controller port!)

2. Something is preventing the plug from fully connecting with the port pins. Take a dry clean toothbrush and try to go over the contacts to free anything that might be stuck in there/ preventing the plug from securely connecting.



My peripheral isnít working but itís plugged in correctly. Causes:

1. Your peripheral isnít compatible with the Playstation

2. Your peripheral is damaged

3. The port it plugs into is damaged


1. Check your peripheralís documentation first if it do work for your Playstation. Some are said to be compatible but not working. Itís supposed to work. But it doesnít. If it isnít ask your retailer what they can do To help you. Most of the time, they gladly change the merchandise As long as you come back within just a day or 2 from purchase.

2. If your peripheral is used quite long already, it might be damaged and thus, canít be used for the Playstation anymore. Ask the manufacturer of your peripheral for advice. Or, do #3.

3. Clean the port first with a dry and clean cloth or dry clean toothbrush. If it still doesnít work, try to check it on another console. If it works on another console, then your Playstationís port is damaged. If the doesnít work on the other system, your peripheral is damaged.




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